Do you have spider or varicose vein? Are you considering a permanent treatment like radiofrequency ablation procedure? It is important to consult a vein specialist to know if RF Ablation treatment is good for you. Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive technique for the removal of unhealthy veins. RF Ablation for spider veins uses heat energy to damage the vein leading to its closure. RF Ablation is a safer and effective alternative to surgery. In the RF Ablation procedure, inside of the knee is injected with a local anesthetic. The specialist in charge of your radiofrequency ablation treatment will use an ultrasound guide to enter the unhealthy vein with a needle and insert catheter. The catheter is then activated and thermal energy is delivered to the walls of the vein. Radiofrequency ablation for spider veins will take between 15 to 45 minutes. No procedure is perfect and foam RF Ablation is not an exception. RF Ablation side effects include minor stiffness or soreness, inflammation and in rare cases nerve damage or skin burn. However, when done by an experienced board certified specialist, radiofrequency ablation side effects can be minimized. Radiofrequency ablation recovery period is very short. Many patients won’t require special care after RF Ablation. The care after radiofrequency ablation is aimed at minimizing inflammation which is a common side effect. Your doctor may advice you to wear compression hose for varicose veins for several days. A Vein specialist will show you radiofrequency ablation before and after pictures during initial consultation to give you a glimpse of what to expect. Do you have more questions like; is RF Ablation safe or is radiofrequency ablation safe? Is RF Ablation painful or is radiofrequency ablation painful? How much is RF Ablation or how much is radiofrequency ablation? The vein treatment clinic website will provide you with answers as well as show you rf ablation before and after pictures.